Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Temperatures have been mild these days but there is still ice and snow. Sorry for repeating myself but I am so ready for spring and summer! 

My outfit for the office today:
I paired a long sleeve summer dress with one of my favourite blazers and leather boots. I like the soft suede texture of this jacket which I own for about 20 years. Some pieces never go out of style and I love wearing it with jeans and a white shirt as well.

Zur Zeit ist es zwar mild, aber wir haben immer noch Eis und Schnee. Sorry, wenn ich mich wiederhole, aber ich kann den Frühling und Sommer kaum erwarten!

Mein heutiges Büro-Outfit:
Ich habe ein langärmliges - aber dünnes - Kleid mit einem meiner Lieblingsblazer und Stiefeln kombiniert. Diese Jacke habe ich schon seit etwa 20 Jahren und ich liebe das weiche Wildleder. Manche Sachen sind einfach zeitlos und ich trage den Blazer auch gern zu Jeans und einer weißen Bluse.

The weekend is coming closer...

Dress H&M | Suede Blazer Street One | Boots Bartu | Suede Belt Jackpot | Bag Zara | Earrings old


Saturday, 26 January 2013


I am a real summer person and can't wait until the days increase in length, the sun will be stronger and temperatures get warmer and I can get my dresses and skirts out again.

However, that will take a while here in the Bavarian mountains as we still have snow... so I have no choice but wearing my new printed skirt with thicker opaque tights.

Ich bin ein absoluter Sommertyp und warte sehnsüchtig darauf, dass die Tage länger, die Sonne stärker und die Temperaturen wärmer werden und ich endlich wieder Kleider und Röcke tragen kann.

Aber leider wird das hier in Bayern noch einige Zeit dauern, wir haben noch Schnee und bis dahin muss ich meinen neuen Rock wohl oder übel mit blickdichten, dickeren Strümpfen tragen.

Skirt H&M | Blouse H&M | Jeans Blazer Esprit | Heels Esprit | Bag Longchamps | Necklace Bijoux Brigitte

In my last post I talked about age appropriate dressing and also mentioned short skirts.
The length of this skirt is something I feel comfortable with. Paired with dark tights or boots now or - even better - with tanned legs in summer!

In meinem letzten Post habe ich über altersgerechten Stil geschrieben und auch über kurze Röcke. Mit dieser Länge hier fühle ich mich wohl - entweder mit einer dunklen Strumpfhose, Stiefeln oder nur mit gebräunten Beinen - was mir noch wesentlich lieber ist!

Have a great weekend.

Photos taken by my daughter Alena
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Friday, 25 January 2013


In my age group - I just finished my fourties - you will sooner or later come across so-called "age appropriate dressing". 
Does it mean no more colour? No more cleavage? No more short skirts? Sounds like no more fun...
Of course that is not what "age appropriate" means - it is all about the right mix and match!

I have to admit I am not a fan of the "pink hat" idea... Just because you have the freedom to wear anything you want and don't need to care what others say, you should not ignore a sense of good taste. You may consider my opinion as strict but for me dressing tastefully is essential.

Desperately trying to look younger?
There are different views on the term "appropriate" but I think we agree that from a certain age some looks just don't work any longer. Unfortunately some women don't always get the right feeling for it.

Rules like "Women over 40 should not wear mini skirts" are outdated. How short is "mini"? Are you 45 or 65? What size are you and how are your legs? How do you combine the skirt? Some women in their 50ies can wear it better than others in their 30ies.

I try to dress with a mindful eye on what flatters my body. I am happy about my legs and don't hide them but I don't want to present my thighs. A length just slightly above the knee is much more favourable and elegant for me.

Our body and skin have changed after pregnancy (which doesn't mean you can't go back to your usual size but you have to work for it!) and again once you have reached 45+
If you have a good understanding of your body shape and your strengths and weaknesses, you should highlight and accentuate your best features.

Olivia Palermo and Taylor Tomasi Hill are my fashion favourites. 
Their chic and elegant style inspires me day by day and even they are both a lot younger they incorporate my favourite style.

My 18 year old daughter and I wear the same size and have a similar taste. There are several items which we mix and match in different ways and we certainly share our accessory fund.
However, I don't dress like my daughter because I am 30 years older and I don't even consider wearing her tight sequin mini skirt, her super skinny low raise jeans or her short red bodycon dress. These kind of clothes just became a bit inappropriate. They don't look "cool" on me and I have moved on. I am not competing with her and her friends!
You begin to feel they are not quite right and if you are trying too hard it might turn out the opposite way.

"Older" style? No! Just more tasteful.
Attractive, mature and self-confident woman certainly don't need to cover up or wear conservative clothes in muted colours.

Even I follow my idea of a feminine and sophisticated look I still adopt suitable young fashion trends. I like to show that I am a woman. I found out that I look better with a cleavage than with a narrow round neck. I have an hourglass figure and I like my waist (except right now after being too lazy over the past few months... but I started training sessions with a personal trainer this week!!)

Why not accentuate and show your figure if you are confident with it? Just get the right balance and have the courage and motivation to dress up.
It is all about the right mix and balance and after all we want to look fabulous!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The Oantone Institute has announced the colour of the year 2013: Emerald Green
While green symbolises nature, freshness, inexperience and hope, this jewel toned green is characterised as sophisticated, lively and radiant.

Das Pantone Institut hat die Farbe Emerald Green - Smaragdgrün - zur Farbe 2013 gekürt.
Während Grün Natur, Frische, Unerfahrenheit und Hoffnung verkörpert, steht dieses brilliante Grün für mondän, lebendig und strahlend.

It is a very new and exciting colour to come in fashion this year. Do you like it and will you follow this trend?

I am really looking forward to it and have put together some colour combinations. For going out I would chose emerald in combination with black.

Gefällt Euch diese neue, aufregende Farbe und werdet Ihr sie tragen? 

Ich finde sie wunderschön und habe ein paar Stylings zusammengestellt. Zum Ausgehen würde ich Smaragdgrün zu Schwarz tragen, das macht es besonders edel und Schwarz ist einfach meine Basisfarbe. 


However, I am also loving the clean white-mix for summer's days.

Designer Tracy Reese (even First Lady Mrs O. is a fan of her dresses) says about the colour choice:
"Mentholescence, and White would be a close second — the freshness of these colors paired together is really extraordinary."

Für tolle Sommertage gefällt mir die Kombi mit frischem Weiss beonders gut!

My gorgeous daughter Alena already got the look! 

Meine Tochter Alena hat die Farbe bereits für sich entdeckt. Superschönes Styling, meine Süße!


Shops here in Germany still have their SALES on while I had more than enough of winter(clothes) and I am so much in need of spring...

Watch out for my next post on another new fashion trend for SS 2013.
Thank you for following!

Ich habe schon längst genug vom Winter und Winterkleidung und warte sehnsüchtig auf den Frühling! Aber ich befürchte, das wird noch ein bisschen dauern...

Nächstes Mal stelle ich Euch einen weiteren, neuen Trend für 2013 vor.
Danke für's Lesen!

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