Friday, 26 April 2013


When Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen asked me whether I would answer some questions about my style and blog for her True Fashionista series I was delighted.

I am truly honoured being featured on her fabulous blog today!

True Fashionista: Annette

I often hear conversations in the blogosphere that one cannot be a certain age and be a personal style blogger. What does a blogger do once she hits 35? As a personal style blogger who is closer to 40 than 30, I feel it’s even more important to showcase your personal style when you’re older. Women have plenty of resources for fashion when younger, be it magazines, TV shows, and yes blogs. But blogs – quality blogs with quality photos and quality style aren’t as easy to find when you’re over 40. So when I came across Annette’s relatively new blog, Lady of Style, I cheered hooray! 
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*****  Head over to Wardrobe Oxygen for the full interview here *****

About Wardrobe Oxygen

Wardrobe Oxygen was created in 2005 – Alison Gary realized after her experience in personal shopping that there are a few wardrobe basics that seem to work on any woman, be she a size 2 or 22, 21 or 71. Alison has been a size 4 and size 18, and has also seen that through any size, certain wardrobe basics always worked with her frame. From this she created her list of What Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe. From this list, she created Wardrobe Oxygen, where she regularly provides style, beauty, and fashion advice. To show that personal style can be achieved regardless of budget, body, or lifestyle, Alison also posts her daily fashion choices and information on why she chose certain brands and how she got her look for less.

About Alison 

Alison Gary is a Washington DC – based blogger and freelance writer. She has over a decade of experience as an apparel visual merchandiser, trainer, and personal shopper. She is the owner and author of Wardrobe Oxygen, a blog that offers tips and advice for all women to achieve personal style, regardless of age, figure, budget, or lifestyle. Alison also showcases her daily style on Wardrobe Oxygen, offering photographs of her outfits, links to purchases, and detailed product and vendor reviews.


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  1. What a great article-- enjoy learning more about you!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Congratulations!


  3. Love your style and pictures. I will follow you.

  4. Ein gut geführtes Interview mit aufschlussreichen Antworten und Informtionen.
    Ich finde solche Aktionen eine tolle Sache. So hat man auch mal die Möglichkeit Blogs kennenzulernen, auf die man sonst nicht gestoßen wäre.
    Ich gebe dir auch absolut recht, unseres speziellen Blogs für unsere Generation sind gute Inspirationsquellen.
    Ein schönes Wochenende

  5. Gratulation zu der tollen Möglichkeit und dem wirklich interessanten Interview, liebe Annette! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg & Spaß mit Deinem Blog und ein wunderschönes Wochenende - LG aus dem sonnigen Wien,


  6. Thank you so much, and thank you so much for being part of my series! It is a pleasure to showcase your wonderful style!

  7. Oh Annette, I am so excited for you! Not only are you beautiful and "sophisticated" but very well spoken. Great job!

  8. Oh you are doing so well.... Congratulations. Well deserved.
    And I had a look around your host blog. Looks like a fun person.


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